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Child Labour: A Day in the Life
Child Labour Ruins Childhood


Stop Child Labour
MV Foundation
Amnesty International

The following sources are also optional resources for students to explore on their own time.
The effective abolition of child labour
International Labour Organization


To read about child labor in the diamond mines of Angola, and the status of child labor practices:
NC BUY, 2016, “Status of Child Labor Practices and Minimum Age for Employment”
RAPAPORT, 2016, “U.S. Human Rights Report Notes Child Labor in Many Diamond Regions”

To read about the persistent child labor practices and the children that work in the Brazilian tobacco farms:
Brazzil, 2016, “Despite Strict Laws, Child Labor in Brazil Is Not Going Away”
Human Rights Watch, 2015, “Tobacco’s Children. Brazil Sets An Example for the U.S.”

To learn about how Canadians may unknowingly support child labor, and what the Canadian government is doing to reduce child labor exploitation:
Huffington Post, 2016, “Canadians may unknowingly support child labor”
Government of Canada, 2016, “Child labour”

To read about how Chinese factories make use of child labor, and how they violate the articles from the convention of the rights of the child:
Poverties, 2015, “Child Labour in China, Factories & Child Trafficking”
Voices of Youth, 2014, “Child Labor in China”

To know more about child labor laws and restrictions in France:
LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, 2015, “Children’s Rights: France”
eHow UK, 2016 “French Child-Labor Laws”

If you are interested in learning about the role, which Hungary plays on the child labor market internationally:
Budapest inc, 2015, “World’s Largest Child Labour Train Route in Budapest”
Budapest Business Journal, 2015, “Report: Hungary on ‘watch list’ for human trafficking”

To read about India’s new child labor act, and the story of former child workers in India:
YKA, 2016, ““The Injustice Is Absolute And Painful”: Why We Must Fight For Millions Of Indian Children”
CSM, 2016, “Former child workers in India bang the drum for education”

To learn more about the involvement of children in Indonesia’s diverse economy:
Eco-Business, 2016, More than 20 labor law violations by Indofood alleged in Indonesia
Saigon, 2016, Indonesia strives to eradicate child labour
If you want to explore the growth of child labor in Jordan, it’s effects and how the kingdom of Jordan battles this malpractice:
ANSA med, 2016, “Child labour in Jordan double in past decade”
Themedialine, 2016, “Jordan Battles Child Labor”

To read about the fate of Malaysian child workers on offshore farms, and how the children and young person’s act of employment in Malaysia is an encouraging factor for Malaysian child labor:
Pitlane Magazine, 2016, “Child Labor from a Malaysian Perspective”
The Star, 2016, “Pruned Down Under: Illegal Malaysian farmhands busted”

To find out why so many Mexican children drop out of school to join the country’s work force, and the story of the 63 children that were found in a Mexican vegetable packing factory:
ALJAZERA, 2016, “Child labour in Mexico”
International Business Times, 2015, “Over 60 Children Found Working At Vegetable Packing Factory In Northern State Of Coahuila”
To get more information on how Nigeria failed to defend itself at the International Labor Convention on child labor allegations, despite the government’s effort to reduce child labor in the country:All Africa, 2014, “Nigeria: Wogu and the Fight Against Child Labour”Vanguard, 2016, “Nigeria fails to defend self at ILO over child Labor allegations”


To read more about the child labor practices in Pakistan:
NDTV, 2016, Pakistan faces worst form of child labor
Pakistan Christian Posts, 2016, Sindhi Sangat expresses concern on child labor in Pakistan

To read about the child labor issue in the Philippines see below:
International Labor Organization, 2011, Child labor in the Philippines
The Diplomat, 2015, Rising Child Labor Abuse in the Philippines

To read about child labor and exploitation in Russia, and what the authorities of Tajikistan are doing to prevent child labor in Russia:
Radio free Europe Radio Liberty, 2016, “Tajik Authorities Want To Prevent Child Labor In Russia”
Library Of Congress, 2016, “Children’s Rights: Russian Federation”

To read the stories of the Talibé children who are forced to beg in Senegal, and how they are being exploited for “work”:
Human Rights Watch, 2016, “Senegal: New Steps to Protect Talibés, Street Children”
Forbes, 2016, “Unfree: When Work Becomes Exploitation In Sub-Saharan Africa”

South Africa
To read about how children are forced to work due to high unemployment and substance abuse in South Africa, and the South African Department of Labor’s highlight on the protection of children:
All Africa, 2016, “Deputy Minister Pathekile Holomisa addresses child labour day commemorative even at Cullinan”
SABC, 2016, “Child Labour crisis in South Africa”

To read about the backlash concerning the labor practices of the giant Spanish retail brand ZARA, and the Spanish civil war child refugee’s expo hosted by Kazakh Museum:
USA Today, 2015, “Sweatshop allegations dog Zara as owner named world's 2nd richest man”
Latin American Herald Tribune, 2016, “Kazakh Museum Hosts Exhibit on Spanish Civil War Child Refugees”

If you want to read about how the Swedish retail giant H&M employed children in their productions factories, and the backlash that they received:
The Guardian, 2016,“H&M factories in Myanmar employed 14-year-old workers”
Quartz, 2016, “H&M reportedly used garment factories that worked teens for 12-hour shifts”

United Kingdom
If you want to read about modern day child slavery in the United Kingdom:
International Business Times, 2016, “Child slavery: Rich Brits buying children who survived the Nepalese earthquake for £5,000”
Daily Nation, 2016, “Slavery in modern Britain? Too true but today, it’s on farms and kitchens”

United States
To read about how child laborers were used to build new Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby stores in Utah, and the British American Tobacco’s vow to investigate child workers in Bangladeshi tobacco farms:
Reuters, 2016, “British American Tobacco vows to investigate child workers in Bangladeshi farms”
Daily Mail, 2016, “Child laborers 'used to build new Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby stores were hired by construction firm' tied to polygamous religion sect whose disgraced ex-leader is behind bars for having child brides”

To know more about child labor in Uruguay, know some statistical detail while informing yourself about solutions:
United States Department of Labor, 2014, “Child labor and forced labor reports Uruguay”
Destination Unknown, 2016, “Say no to child labor in domestic work”

If you want to know about the exploitation of children laborers on Venezuelan farms, and the result of the economic debacle on the Venezuelan labor force:
Panam Post, 2014, “Economic Debacle Pushes Venezuelan Children Back into Labor Force “
Transterra Media, 2016, “Child Labor in Venezuela's Andes”